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Re: Request new Ruby release

On 5/4/2018 2:09 PM, Steven Penny wrote:
On Fri, 4 May 2018 00:05:23, Brian Inglis wrote:
For an understaffed, all-volunteer effort, Cygwin does a tremendous job
providing us with a compatible, reliable, stable subsystem working environment,
running in a less stable environment.
Cygwin seems to keep up to date with stable releases of important packages better than distros who have full time staff, many more volunteers, and don't
also have to deal with an alien environment.

Cygwin is a fantastic project. and yaakov handles a massive amount of packages, and i commend him for that. but lets not kid ourselves, ok? cygwin *does* keep up to date with *some* important packages as you say, but not other important
packages. for example, GCC, is over a year old:

I do not see you doing any package activity release,
so you should refrain to comment on how we (package maintainers)
use our own spare time for this project.

Please note that sometime, things are broken upstream
and it takes time and it could require not available capability to
solve the issues.

If you want to help for a new package release that you care,
try to build it, check that every thing is in place,
provide if needed patches and guidance and I am almost sure
the relative maintainer will appreciate your effort.
I surely did


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