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Re: Cygwin X11 Server slow performance

Greetings, Paul Sheer!

> 6. cygserver-config does not work. It gives:

> [[[

> psheer@psheer-HP ~
> $ cygserver-config
> Overwrite existing /etc/cygserver.conf file? (yes/no) yes
> Generating /etc/cygserver.conf file
> chown: changing ownership of '/etc/cygserver.conf': Permission denied

> Warning: The following function requires administrator privileges!

> Do you want to install cygserver as service?
> (Say "no" if it's already installed as service) (yes/no) yes
> /usr/bin/cygrunsrv: Given path doesn't point to a valid executable
> Try `/usr/bin/cygrunsrv --help' for more information.

> Installation of cygserver as service failed.  Please check the
> error messages you got.  They might give a clue why it failed.

> A good start is either you don't have administrator privileges
> or a missing cygrunsrv binary.  Please check for both.

> ]]]

This is expected. And the script outright warns you.

> 7. Surely the above program can check if it is a privilege problem
> or not and simply tell you?  Why should I have to read through
> documentation to enable a simple "checkbox" feature when it
> can only be On or Off and there are no other options???

Contrary to *NIX, Windows runs from granular permissions system, and a user
may have the rights to install service even if they are not a member of
Administrators group.

> 8. cygwin seems to have the concept of an administrator, but there
> is no root user or way to switch to a root user using su.

You expect Windows to be Linux/UNIX, but it is not.
It has its own, much more usable permission system, and no God User as a

> If these things exist, then they should be there by default and work as
> default so as not to require the user read documentation.


> Is my default user the administrator?

Even if it is, your current session may not have the permissions and would
require an elevation. YOU should know.

> It should be -- it is a home PC.

"Home PC" is a marketing joke.

> I can't even tell what the intended behavior is. It keeps asking me for a
> password for psheer but I have never set a password on this PC.

How could it know?

> 9. There is no package management that works properly. The
> install program setup-x86_64.exe seems to re-download things
> that are already downloaded. It is kludgy and everything is ambiguous.
> It seems unclear what is a label telling you the state, or a button telling
> you to switch to a state. Surely it is easy to make a Gtk or Qt interface
> for this package manager?

Sure, if it's such a simple task for you - go ahead. Keep in mind that it must
remain a single binary a user can just download and run.

> How do you know what a "minimal" set of packages is?

> Do I have to install everything?

> If I install everything does it cache what it has downloaded so
> as not to download everything again?

> Normal windows packages do not require you ask any of these
> questions -- the install interface makes it clear.

Cygwin setup does work exactly the same way - you just click "next" until you
get a working system.
Would that system be able to solve YOUR SPECIFIC problem, remains to be seen.

> 10. After trying to install more packages I now get: "The procedure
> entry point __memcpy_chk could not be located in the dynamic link
> library cygwin1.dll"

As advised, you should have stopped all Cygwin processes before attempting an

> 11. Surely the Start menu should have a cygwin-packages menu
> item to manage package, get dependencies correct, and verify
> the integrity of an installation.

You're more than welcome to submit and maintain such tools.

> Ubuntu, when installed under Oracle Virtual box, does Copy-n-Paste between
> Gtk and Windows and Unicode copy-paste even works perfectly

That's VirtualBox does, not X, or Windows…

> 13. Why do some binaries run on the command line and do nothing
> and show no error??? Unix never does this.

If you break your, *NIX do the same.

> I hope this all helps.

Hardly. A lot of expectations (to put it mildly) from a volunteer-maintained

> I'll be uninstalling cygwin now because I can't waist any more time on it.

You could have done so without wasting our time with this message.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Monday, April 30, 2018 16:00:53

Sorry for my terrible english...

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