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Re: Issue when trying to access files on a locked BitLocker volume


There are indeed several workarounds to this issue (this is why I'm not
waiting for a fix), but I thought it was worth mentioning the problem, as I
suspect other incorrect behaviors to be caused by the underlying issue.

Thanks for your answer !


On 19 April 2018 at 13:38, Vincent Gheur <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm using a Bitlocker encrypted SD card, which stays most of the time in
> my laptop, but is generally not unlocked. I'm unlocking it only when I need
> to access files on it.
> I have also a script which is started at regular intervals, which copies
> some critical files on the SD card when it is unlocked. I was using till
> recently a *very* old version of cygwin (probably downloaded 10 years ago),
> in which I could check whether my SD card was unlocked or not by using *if
> [ -d <folder-on-SD-card> ]*. I have downloaded a new version of cygwin in
> January, as I migrated to Windows 10 and was encountering some issues with
> it. Since I upgraded, this test is not working anymore. When the SD card is
> unlocked, testing " -d <folder> " returns TRUE. It returns FALSE when I do
> the same test on a non Bitlocker volume for a non-existent folder (which is
> the expected behaviour).
> I guess there are probably other issues related to accessing locked
> Bitlocker volumes.
> If someone is wanting to solve this, don't hesitate to contact me if you
> need more details or if you want me to make tests.
> Kind regards,
>    Vincent

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