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Re: Issue when trying to access files on a locked BitLocker volume

On 4/19/2018 7:38 AM, Vincent Gheur wrote:

I'm using a Bitlocker encrypted SD card, which stays most of the time in my
laptop, but is generally not unlocked. I'm unlocking it only when I need to
access files on it.

I have also a script which is started at regular intervals, which copies
some critical files on the SD card when it is unlocked. I was using till
recently a *very* old version of cygwin (probably downloaded 10 years ago),
in which I could check whether my SD card was unlocked or not by using *if
[ -d <folder-on-SD-card> ]*. I have downloaded a new version of cygwin in
January, as I migrated to Windows 10 and was encountering some issues with
it. Since I upgraded, this test is not working anymore. When the SD card is
unlocked, testing " -d <folder> " returns TRUE. It returns FALSE when I do
the same test on a non Bitlocker volume for a non-existent folder (which is
the expected behaviour).

I guess there are probably other issues related to accessing locked
Bitlocker volumes.

If someone is wanting to solve this, don't hesitate to contact me if you
need more details or if you want me to make tests.

I agree that this outcome is strange, but here are some suggestions for

- Test some other property of the same or some other file
- Try some program, such as ls, on the file.  You can direct standard
  output and error to /dev/null and check the result code to see if the
  program failed.
- Try a program that requires write capability, such as touch, if ls does
  not do what you need.

Regards - Eliot Moss

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