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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.8.5

I have uploaded mintty 2.8.5 with the following changes:

Character handling and rendering
  * CJK brackets are expanded if needed to ensure their symmetry (#756).
  * Support of emoji style text attribute SGR 51/52 (mintty/wsltty#82, #600).
  * Fixed emoji display variation selector handling.
  * Character Info displays emoji sequence short names (mintty/wsltty#82, #600).   * Reverted Sixel colour registers patch that could fail Sixel display or even stall mintty window (#740, mintty/wsltty#90).

  * Reenabled Ctrl+key escape sequences (#743).
  * Input optionally keeps selection highlighting (ClearSelectionOnInput=false) (#222).

Mouse handling
  * Reenabled drag-and-drop text selection on focussing at a threshhold (~#717).

  * Alt+F2 and mintty --dir=... stay in selected dir even in login mode (#500, #744).
  * Fixed option --dir=...
  * Context menu configuration (MenuMenu etc): new flags 'x' and 'u' (#755).
  * More layout-tolerant colour value syntax (#758).
  * Invocation as wsl*[-distro].exe implies a --WSL[=distro] parameter (mintty/wsltty#63).
  * Added missing option `mintheme --list`.
  * New mintheme options --file (#762) and --query.
  * New option ClearSelectionOnInput=false disables selection highlight clearing on input (#222).

Window handling
  * Clear selection when clipboard content updated (#742).
  * Skip refresh after colour setting if nothing changed (e.g. by prompt).

Desktop integration
  * WSL mount point configuration (/etc/wsl.conf or fstab) is considered in path conversion for open/paste (mintty/wsltty#91).
  * Workaround for ConEmu WM_MOUSEACTIVATE bug (#724).

  * Terminal multiplexer configuration: added tmux (#757).
  * Search bar: activated also from context menu (#753).

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It also links to the issue tracker.


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