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Re: Problem with NC.1.107

Andrey Repin wrote:
Greetings, Jay Cotton!

Since nc does not reply to --version, I have no way to tell if it's the same
you are running with.
	That's odd.  But has to do with what version of ncat is run.
I notice my linux machine says:

nc --version
Ncat: Version 6.47 ( )

But the version in cygwin:

cygcheck -f /usr/bin/nc

is very different.  Not sure which is newer or better, but
the version at supports SCTP, though the BSD version
supports QOS.  Not sufficiently versed in either to know
all the differences.  Seems like the version has more
options: 44 vs. BSD's 28 (didn't double count switches from nmap
that have a short+long form).
Where do the sources from the BSD version come from?   It
doesn't seem to list a website.

The file permissions are messed up.
I didn't notice this.

$ file /usr/bin/nc
/usr/bin/nc: writable, executable, regular file, no read permission

I don't see the PE32+ executable (console) x86-64, for MS Windows
weird -- when I tried that, got:

file /usr/bin/nc
/usr/bin/nc: PE32+ executable (console) x86-64 (stripped to external PDB), for MS Windows

here is the file in /usr/bin
$ ls -l nc*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 lbmgm lbmgm 24576 Mar 19  2013 nc.exe
Looks like the same file I have:
ll /usr/bin/nc
-rwxr-xr-x+ 1 24576 Mar 19  2013 /usr/bin/nc*

I'm not sure your file command is referencing the same file,
since my ls shows the same size and date as yours, and clearly
both show read+execute for U,G and other and write only for owner.

I looked at the make file, it seems to be o.k. for generating a
runable program.  (uses gcc) but I don't have enough stuff installed
to allow a build.
   I think something is wrong with your 'file' command.  My nc-binary
didn't come with a makefile (only binary & manpage):
cygcheck -l nc

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