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Re: croos compiler error

Mark A. Engel wrote:
I have been trying to build the cross compiler tool for my Windows 10.  I have
installed cygwin64 and is working well.  I downloaded the crosstool-0.43
version.  I have executed "sh" and after a bout 10 minutes of
building the build fails with "cc: error: spawn: No such file or directory".
See attached file.  I have tried to install/get a spawn package with the
setup-x86_64 command.  There is no spawn package.  I cannot get any further on
the build.  I have looked everywhere and no use.  Let me know what I am missing
or where I can get the spawn command for cygwin64 on Windows 10.

Thanks for continuing here, Mark. Unfortunately, you can color me mystified. "spawn" is not a Cygwin command or package.

It's not clear from the log what exactly is requiring "spawn". I see that a number of gprof source files were compiled successfully by gcc, but then there's a "cc" command that failed. On normal Cygwin installations, cc is a symlink to gcc.exe but I wonder if that's true on your system.

To go further with this we'll need the cygcheck output described on, namely 'cygcheck -svr > foo' and then *attach* foo to your next reply, without compressing or encoding it.

I also see that crosstool has not been updated since 2006. The source packages it downloads to build are all old versions of things.

You may be interested that there is also a crosstool-NG (next generation) that was updated last year and I was able to download, configure, build, and install on Cygwin64 without any trouble. So this may be way forward for you if ct-ng supports your target and you don't absolutely require crosstool.
Hope this helps somehow,


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