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gcc frameworks U++


I recently had a little difficulty with mingw in a self contained
environment (just the compiler) not the msys with mingw. I am wondering
does anyone here use U++ with mingw?

I got the postgresql tutorial to compile and link in U++ but I did so in
virtualbox on with linux.

I tried to keep things in a window enviroment even though gcc is not but
the mingw is kind of new to me.

Is it worth it to try and learn some more mingw?

I think the U++ environment comes with mingw and I am not sure if I can
use gcc outside of mingw with ultimate.

Cygwin should have all the packages that are in mingw though right?
I mean we aren't even talking msys being distrubted with that.

I will go back and retest U++ without mingw while I wait for a response
tonight for something to do on this cool night.

I am thinking that I did something wrong the first try with U++ and that
it will work with the mingw-less version.

thx. -
Jim Mc Namara

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