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[ANNOUNCEMENT] clisp 2.49.92-1

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* clisp-2.49.92-1
* clisp-clx-2.49.92-1 [1]
* clisp-gtk2-2.49.92-1 [1]

ANSI Common Lisp is a high-level, general-purpose programming
language.  GNU CLISP is a Common Lisp implementation by Bruno Haible
of Karlsruhe University and Michael Stoll of Munich University, both
in Germany.  It mostly supports the Lisp described in the ANSI Common
Lisp standard.  GNU CLISP includes an interpreter, a compiler, a
debugger, CLOS, MOP, a foreign language interface, sockets, i18n, fast
bignums, and more.  An X11 interface is available through CLX, Garnet,
CLUE/CLIO.  GNU CLISP runs Maxima, ACL2, and many other Common Lisp

The 64-bit packages now support the same modules as the 32-bit
packages since ffcall is now available on 64-bit Cygwin.

This is a beta release of the forthcoming clisp-2.50.  There has been
a lot of clisp development since the previous release, so this could
use some testing.

Ken Brown
Cygwin's clisp maintainer

[1] For technical reasons, I have so far uploaded clisp-clx and
clisp-gtk only for 32-bit Cygwin.  If anyone wants to try the 64-bit
versions, let me know, and I'll make them available.

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