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Printing (lpr, print, cat > <various names> returns printer not valid or no longer available

I have read the FAQs and 100's on general web page discussions re printing
and they all talk about \\ <file://%3cserver%3e/%3cprinter>
<server>\<printer> as the answer, but I only get the not valid response.
I've tried many varients of \\, //, "", ''  and escaping 2, 4 etc times  and
it doesn't make any difference.


I am running Windows 10 and can print to the printers in the device list in
Windows without problems from Windows. The printer in question is Postscript
capable HP print on the local network with no particular "server" that I am
aware of. 

I even tried making a shorter printer name with no spaces or special
characters, The OS sent that name when I started Cygwin, but it again didn't
make any difference.

Here is some information, any help would be greatly appreciated.


I find it hard to believe I'm the only one having this problem.


By the way I installed "everything" when I installed Cygwin, took almost 5
hours - I'm very patient, but everything worked fine and it used about 150+G
of disk space, no problem.


Here is some information, any help would be greatly appreciated.

$ lpr -D

Windows printer name = 'NPIFA1F16 (HP Color LaserJet CP2025n)'

isWindows9x = 0, isWindows2K_NT4 = 1

Printer name: 'NPIFA1F16 (HP Color LaserJet CP2025n)', Port name:

Printer name: 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer', Port name: 'PORTPROMPT:'

Printer name: 'Microsoft Print to PDF', Port name: 'PORTPROMPT:'

Printer name: 'HP ePrint + JetAdvantage', Port name: 'HP ePrint'

Printer name: 'Fax', Port name: 'SHRFAX:'


rodne@Rodney-HP-Envy ~

$ lpr -d \\\$PRINTER .bashrc

lpr: printer error: can't open '\$PRINTER' for writing: The
printer name is invalid.


rodne@Rodney-HP-Envy ~

$ lpr -d '\\\NPIFA1F16 (HP Color LaserJet CP2025n)' .bashrc

lpr: printer error: can't open '\\\NPIFA1F16 (HP Color LaserJet
CP2025n)' for writing: The printer name is invalid.


Can't initialize "prn", print doesn't work either, copying directly to the
printer doesn't work, cating and pipling to lpr doesn't work


Rod (2/22/18)


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