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Breaking change in Cygwin 2.10.0-1

Yesterday I got to investigate why the unit tests for one of my
projects didn't work anymore. The tests are collected by a short Perl
program that scans all *.c files and generates the test structure.
But... it didn't find some c files anymore :-o I can see them using
"DIR", I can see them in Explorer and everywhere else, but Perl is
completely oblivious to their existence.

It took a while to understand that I recently updated Cygwin and that
this now hides "temporary" files by default. The thing is, this
"temporary" flag on Windows is so obscure that there is no UI to
set/unset it and even if it is set you usually don't notice it. Turns
out my IDE sets the flag by accident, and did so for a decade, I just
never noticed until now! It writes a temporary file and then renames
that to the final name, without removing the flag... but whatever the
reason, even Microsoft occasionally screws this up, apparently:

TL;DR: Please roll back the change in, do not
hide files that are otherwise completely visible in all other tools
due to a flag that nobody knows about and that cannot be unset
trivially, not even by Window's own ATTRIB command or Explorer.

Thanks, Marcel

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