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Re: Significant problems with reinstalling whole system

On 2018-02-10 01:16, Pëtr B. wrote:
> I was experiencing problems with my installation of Cygwin lately and
> decided to reinstall everything from local package archive. I
> experienced following problem while doing so:
> which occured for a busload of packages. What's causing it? I am suspecting
> that it's because I used multiple mirrors but this should obviously is taken
> into account.

One of your downloaded mirrors may not have the package version it needs to
install. For setup problems, please just attach as plain text (or paste from):
to show last setup run verbose details to aid diagnosis, and maybe also:
with the summaries of the last few runs.

Cygwin setup is really only intended to support a local or overlay mirror with a
full recent mirror. You have five mirrors on two continents accessed over two
protocols. Move all of the package subdirectories under your most available,
closest, fastest mirror directory from all your other mirror directories, delete
all others, download a fresh copy of[_64].exe
pick just that one mirror in setup, and let setup download and install the
upgrades it needs to give you a working system.
If you are reinstalling, download and install only the base system packages in
the first setup run, add simple utility packages in the next run, add major
suites like gcc, clang, tex, base X, in separate runs, rather than trying a big
bang recreation, unless you know you have a reliable, close, fast mirror on a
fast link, and are prepared to wait a long time for postinstall scripts to finish.
Changes in cygwin and other DLLs may require rebuilds of packages and
installation of upgraded versions of packages and dependencies, but setup will
not download or install anything you already have with the current version and
matching hash sum.

If you really have to use a screen shot, instead of a blurry <PrintScreen> full
screen shot, with a short message about a symptom in one tiny message window,
maybe focus on and snap just the message window with <Alt-PrintScreen> or
another utility, paste it into some graphics editor, save it as a PNG at full
size and resolution so it is readable, and copy it somewhere public that will
not reduce it to unreadability when viewed in a browser window not as big as
your full screen.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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