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Re: Regression for OCaml introduced by rebase 4.4.4

On Feb  9 12:40, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Feb  9 11:29, David Allsopp wrote:
> > > Apart from that, not only Cygwin DLLs but also the Windows system DLLs
> > > are all loaded and relocated to the area beyond 0x1:80000000, so
> > > relocation beyond the 32 bit address space is no generic problem in
> > > Windows.  Why isn't that possible in FlexDLL?  I don't understand this.
> > > To me this looks like a bug in FlexDLL, not a requirement to let certain
> > > DLLs slip through the cracks.
> > 
> > There's a more full explanation of what and why for flexdll here:
> > I
> > believe it's not unrelated to some of the black magic going on in
> > Cygwin's, but without (at least at the moment), quite as
> > much self-modifying code.
> > [...]
> > I guess one can argue over whether that's a bug or a limitation, but
> > the problem we face is that we can engineer it so that our DLLs and
> > executables are within a 2GB range (having looked again at this in
> > even more detail, we could just as readily do this with addresses >
> > 0x200000000), but we still run the risk of rebase messing up the DLLs.
> > 
> > However, we'll scratch our heads some more on possible alternative
> > solutions, since having a flag for DLLs which says "keep us within a
> > 2GB range somewhere" sounds even more less likely to get merged than
> > my previous suggestion.
> Two points:
> - You are aware that the main executable of 64 bit Cygwin processes are
>   loaded to 0x1:00400000, right?  The 2 GB offset problem is already
>   imminent.

...and you must not use the 0x0:80000000 - 0x1:00000000 area because that's
reserved for thread stacks.

To clarify, the full layout requirements:

- 0x0:00000000 - 0x0:80000000	Windows
- 0x0:80000000 - 0x1:00000000	Cygwin pthreads (including main thread)
- 0x1:00000000 - 0x1:80000000	Executable
- 0x1:80000000 - 0x2:00000000	Cygwin DLL
- 0x2:00000000 - 0x4:00000000	Rebased DLLs
- 0x4:00000000 - 0x6:00000000	Non-rebased DLLs (hashed default addresses
				generated by binutils ld with
				-auto-image-based (default on Cygwin))
- 0x6:00000000			Start Address Heap, growing upwards
- 0x8:00000000 - 0x700:00000000	Mmaps, allocated downwards
- 0x700:00000000 and beyond	Windows


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