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Re: setup 2.887 release candidate - please test

On 06/02/2018 16:04, Jon Turney wrote:

A new setup release candidate is available at: (64 bit version)   ; (32 bit version)

Please test and report any problems here.

This is not the place for setup feature requests.

Not a feature ;-)

The current "-h" output is missing a header with a description
of program name an version.

 $ ./setup-2.887.x86.exe --help |head

Command Line Options:

    --allow-unsupported-windows    Allow old, unsupported Windows versions
 -a --arch                         Architecture to install (x86_64 or x86)
 -C --categories                   Specify entire categories to install
 -o --delete-orphans               Remove orphaned packages
-A --disable-buggy-antivirus Disable known or suspected buggy anti virus
                                   software packages during execution.
 -D --download                     Download packages from internet only

something like

$ bash --help
GNU bash, version 4.4.12(3)-release-(x86_64-unknown-cygwin)

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