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Re: How to start Cygwin from outside Cygwin and pass a command to execute?

Ben via cygwin writes:
> Assume I want to call from Windows my CgyWin and pass a command to execute.

That depends a bit on what kind of environment that command expects, but
it could be as easy as invoking it with the full path.  If it needs a
fully set up an environment you need to start a shell (dash or maybe
bash), perhaps in login mode to source your profile.  Lastly if it needs
a tty you'll want to start all that from mintty.

As others have commented, quoting all these commands correctly so they
are intact at the various stages of expansion can be quite an exercise
to get right, so it will be easier if you can wrap these things into a
script that doesn't need any arguments (or at least none that would need

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