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[ANNOUNCEMENT] cygport 0.30.0-1

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* cygport-0.30.0-1

cygport is the standard method for building and maintaining packages for 
the Cygwin distribution.

This release includes major changes as to how cygport itself is built,
along with some serious API and documentation cleanup.

* cygport git repository switched from autotools to meson.

* Added extensive testsuite to sources.

* Removed cygclasses: ant, berkdb, claws-mail, ebook, ggz, gnustep, 
gst-plugins0.10, java, mono, nant, opensync, pypy, pypy-distutils, 
qt4-qconf, rox, ruby-gnome2, sugar.

* Removed nonexistant mirrors: berlios, rubyforge.

* Deprecated (but still functioning) cygclasses and functions are hidden 
from documentation.

* New/revived cygclasses: kde3, python2-wheel, python3-wheel.

* Reworked meson cygclass to hide ninja internals along with other
various improvements.

Changes in this release (111):
      Use cygwin-apps list for bug reports
      tests: convert messages to spec-style
      tests: use cygport all in bootstrap
      tests: make dist only with autotools, fallback to git archive
      pkg_diff: ignore Makevars
      pkg_pkgcheck: make missing files a fatal error
      tests: use git archive-all in bootstrap
      Add meson build infrastructure
      python-wheel: new individual cygclasses for Python 2 and 3
      spec: build with meson
      multilib: documentation fixes
      ant: do not distribute
      apache: do not document
      apache2: do not document
      berkdb: do not distribute
      claws-mail: do not distribute
      distutils: do not document
      distutils-multi: do not document
      ebook: do not distribute
      ggz: do not distribute
      gnustep: do not distribute
      gst-plugins0.10: do not distribute
      java: do not distribute
      mono: do not distribute
      nant: do not distribute
      opensync: do not distribute
      pypy: do not distribute
      python: do not document
      python-distutils: do not document
      rox: do not distribute
      ruby-gnome2: do not distribute
      sugar: do not distribute
      gtk2-perl: do not document deprecated code
      meson: document CYGMESON_ARGS
      mirrors: remove berlios, rubyforge; cleanup documentation
      check_funcs: do not document deprecated code
      Install nanorc in nano rc directory
      mono: do not distribute mono.snk
      doc: clarify custom_target names
      qt4-qconf: do not distribute
      docbook: update Fedora PATCH_URI
      Reverse config loading
      doc: trigger regen in meson when cygclasses toplevel is modified
      pkg_info: remove indentation in list and deps
      test-fetch: new internal cygclass for testsuite usage
      testsuite: add basic tests and toplevel configury
      testsuite: add aspell-dict
      testsuite: add autotools
      testsuite: add bzr
      testsuite: add cmake
      testsuite: add cross
      testsuite: add docbook
      testsuite: add font
      testsuite: add git
      testsuite: add gnome
      testsuite: add gtkmm
      testsuite: add httpd
      testsuite: add kde
      testsuite: add lua
      testsuite: add mate
      testsuite: add meson
      testsuite: add ocaml
      testsuite: add perl
      testsuite: add php
      testsuite: add python
      testsuite: add qt3
      testsuite: add qt4
      testsuite: add qt5
      testsuite: add R
      testsuite: add ruby
      testsuite: add svn
      testsuite: add texlive
      testsuite: add waf
      testsuite: add xorg
      pkg_cleanup: reduce clean delay to two seconds
      testsuite: rearrange cmake/qt tests
      testsuite: rearrange all downloading tests
      testsuite: add download tests for cvs, hg, R
      testsuite: rearrange aspell test
      testsuite: add meson/gnome
      testsuite: drop autotools cruft from bootstrap
      testsuite: add download/mtn
      testsuite: rearrange all autotools-based tests
      testsuite: add autotools/xfce
      meson: add windres to mingw cross build definitions
      meson: add cygwin cross build definitions
      doc: remove mentions of deprecated cygclasses
      cmake: update docs for Qt5/KF5
      check_funcs: do not document check_pypy_module
      meson: rework to hide builddir handling
      ninja: remove default src_test, src_install
      bootstrap: build cygport with meson
      meson: fix docs on new functions
      testsuite: minimize boilerplate in test() calls
      testsuite: rearrange kde tests under cmake
      testsuite: commit missing patches update SRC_URIs
      Revive support for KDE3
      testsuite: add kde3
      testsuite: fix kde4 test for new libexecdir
      testsuite: switch mate test package
      doc: forward index.html to
      doc: use wrapper script for robodoc
      Add bootstrap build target
      cygport.conf: remove unsupported mirrors
      doc: move Cygclasses chapter intro to
      Remove autotools build infrastructure
      testsuite: dependency cleanup
      meson: fix sysconfdir/localstatedir logic
      Update gnuconfig
      Bump version to 0.30.0


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