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Re: libnet on cygwin: how to deal with libpcap?

On mar, 2017-12-12 at 09:07 -0700, Brian Inglis wrote:
> > I need to install libnet and I found on various sites [2][3] that
> > the
> > only one way to install the prerequisite libpcap is to extract the
> > Developer Pack [4] into cygwin. I did it, I run all the tests and
> > the
> > pcap library seemed to work pretty well. So I run the configure
> > file
> > the latest available version of libnet and I was able to create the
> > Makefile. My problem comes running the "make" command, because the
> > libpcap library includes winsock2.h while libnet is based on
> > socket.h.
> > Is this definitely an incompatibility between the two libraries or
> > there is something which can be done? Does someone know another way
> > to
> > install libpcap on cygwin?
> Might want to look at
> or
> from the nmap project, or both.

I had a look, but I couldn't do too much and decided to go through
another way. Apparently there is a patch that can be applied to the
libnet source files before compiling the library under cygwin. It was
once available under Is anyone here who has downloaded this
zip file or knows where a copy is available on the link?


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