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Re: setup 2.883 release candidate - please test

On Tue, 12 Dec 2017 08:04:09, Ken Brown wrote:
How can setup possibly automate this? It doesn't know where the corrupt local tarball came from. For example, suppose you sometimes build packages yourself for testing or debugging. You keep them in your local repository, and you also upload them to a private repository on the internet so that you can easily install them on a different computer. You make a change and rebuild the package, but you forget to replace all copies of it. setup can't know which version is the correct one. And it certainly shouldn't be deleting your files because it thinks they're corrupt.

No, this is not right. If you are building packages yourself, then you should
have a custom setup.ini to match, example:

so that in any case, setup.ini has the final say of what a correct archive is,
via the SHA512. If a file in the local repo doesnt match either because:

- file size 0
- file size less than proper size because of interrupted download
- SHA mismatch because of custom build

said file should be removed and redownloaded by setup.exe. if you are building
custom archives, then you should also be making custom setup.ini.

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