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Re: Need help with multibyte UTF-8 characters

I believe that Cygwin displays certain UTF-8 characters incorrectly.  To see the problem, first save the attached "utf-8_test.sed" text file to your desktop.  Then run "mintty," and set its options by right clicking in its title bar, selecting "Options" and then "Text."  On the Text page set "Locale" to "en_US" and "Character set" to "UTF-8," and then "Save."  Now exit and restart mintty.  Change directory to your desktop and run the editor "vim" on the utf-8_test.sed file.  Once inside vim do a ":set fileencoding=utf-8".  You should now see that vim displays correctly a sample of one-, two-, and three-byte UTF-8 character encodings in the test file.  Vim fails, however, on the three-byte encodings for the "en" dash, the "em" dash, and the ellipsis, each of which displays incorrectly as a filled-in rectangle.  Now exit vim and do a "less" or "cat" on the utf-8_test.sed file.  You should see most of the sample UTF-8 encoded characters displayed correctly, except once again for the en dash, em dash, and ellipsis.  So it looks like a problem in the underlying Cygwin run-time libraries rather than in vim, less, or cat.  I haven't tested this on four-byte UTF-8 character encodings, but assume Cygwin will have similar problems.

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