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Re: setup 2.883 release candidate - please test

On 12/11/2017 7:26 PM, Steven Penny wrote:
On Mon, 11 Dec 2017 18:46:30, Jon Turney wrote:
A new setup release candidate is available at:   ; (32 bit version) (64 bit version)

Please test and report problems to If no regressions are discovered in the next week or so, it will be promoted to release.

Here is an old issue - say you go to install a package, but your download is

No, a corrupt download is not what causes this. The error actually happens before downloading starts. See below.

You get this:

    Cygwin Setup
    Package file wget has a corrupt local copy, please remove and retry.
    OK    ---------------------------

*Then setup closes*. This is not right. If the archive is missing, or if the archive fails the SHA check, *then the file should be redownloaded by setup*, and SHA check run again. With the current system, setup exits, then the user has
to navigate to where the problem file is, for example:


then delete the problem file, then restart setup. I cant see why setup shouldnt
just automate all of this.

Here's the situation that leads to this error: You've finished selecting the packages you want to install, and setup is checking to see which ones need to be downloaded. It finds one that's already in the local cache directory, so it doesn't need to be downloaded. But this local version doesn't match the information in setup.ini. So setup bails out and tells you to fix the problem.

How can setup possibly automate this? It doesn't know where the corrupt local tarball came from. For example, suppose you sometimes build packages yourself for testing or debugging. You keep them in your local repository, and you also upload them to a private repository on the internet so that you can easily install them on a different computer. You make a change and rebuild the package, but you forget to replace all copies of it. setup can't know which version is the correct one. And it certainly shouldn't be deleting your files because it thinks they're corrupt.

[This used to happen to me fairly often, but I finally got in the habit of deleting all local copies after making a change.]

Also here is a new issue - on the "Select Connection Type" page - "Use System Proxy Settings" is the first choice, and by default the selected choice. "Direct Connection" should be the first choice, and by default
the selected choice.

I wouldn't describe this as a "new issue". It's a deliberate change, which was announced in the message you replied to. The commit message for the change explains the rationale:

commit b05caf6f9b366b64845fd918cba6425185f64053
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Thu Nov 16 15:50:44 2017 +0000

    Make 'System Proxy Settings' the default, rather than 'Direct'

Make 'System Proxy Settings' the default, rather than 'Direct', and re-order the network connection options so that option is first.

If you don't need a proxy, the system proxy setting should be for direct connection, anyhow.

So, at the moment, this is just a button you're supposed to know you need to press to make it work, when you are behind a proxy.

This setting is persisted (as 'net-method'), so this change only effects new installations.


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