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Re: Git status delay

On Monday 11 December 2017 at 02:37 pm +0100, Dawid Ferenczy wrote:
>    You  can  see  that  it  hanged  for about 30 seconds trying to open the file
>    "\\HEAD\PIPE\wkssvc" which obviously failed with the BAD NETWORK PATH error. 
>    On  my  system, it always hangs for the same amount time, it's most likely a 
>    timeout.

Hi Dawid,

So I can look into this, I need the information I asked for in the email
you replied to.  To repeat, that's:

> - The cygcheck output per the bolded bullet in the problem reporting
>   guidelines:
> - The version of Git you're running, per `git --version`, if it hasn't
>   been installed using Cygwin's setup-*.exe installers.
> - The current working directory when you run `git status`.
> - Details of the directory structure of the repository you're running
>   `git status` in.  I'm mainly after where the `.git` directory is in
>   relation to the current working directory, but if there's anything
>   else that's not entirely standard I'd like to know that, too (e.g. it
>   being a bare repository).
> - Whether you're running Bash in MinTTY, Windows cmd shell, or something
>   else.
> - If there's anything special about your shell prompt (e.g. you're using
>   one of the git prompt tools to include repository status summaries in
>   your shell prompt).

You've included some of that information in your reply, but I do need it
all to be able to look at this.

Also, per the mailing list notes at <>,
please configure your mailer to not include people's email addresses in
your replies.



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