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Re: Git status delay

Original   message  "Re: Git status delay"  from  "Adam Dinwoodie  
(" sent 21. listopadu 2017, 11:27:28, (3557 bytes):

> Your analysis is spot-on: Git is trying to find the directory that
> contains all the metadata for the current working copy, and traversing
> up the directory structure to do so.  In circumstances I haven't managed
> to characterise (I don't see this problem) it sometimes tries to parse
> //HEAD -- on most POSIX systems, this is equivalent to /HEAD, but on
> Cygwin it refers to the UNC path \\HEAD, which Windows attempts to look
> up on the network.  That network lookup is the cause of the delay you're
> seeing.

> (I believe this is a bug in Git, on the grounds that (a) Git in general
> supports POSIX systems and giving special meaning to paths starting with
> `\\` is allowed, if unusual, POSIX behaviour, and (b) Git specifically
> supports Cygwin, and this is very well documented Cygwin behaviour.)


   exactly!  I  can  confirm it. This is a screenshot from SysInternals' Process
   You  can  see  that  it  hanged  for about 30 seconds trying to open the file
   "\\HEAD\PIPE\wkssvc" which obviously failed with the BAD NETWORK PATH error. 
   On  my  system, it always hangs for the same amount time, it's most likely a 
   It  just  suddenly  started to happen (I have a Git status in my prompt so I 
   noticed it when my shell started to behave extremely slowly). I have tried to 
   update both Cygwin and Git and it didn't help.
   Also, it's happening even outside of any repository.
   I would also say it's more likely a Git's issue than Cygwin's.
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