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Re: Challenge: a VERY strange problem with command substitution in bash


I have seen a similar problem on Windows 7, using Cygwin bash version
4.4.12(3)-release (x86_64-unknown-cygwin).

After repeating a simplified test on my own host and 6 other
colleagues, my conclusion is that the cause is found in BeyondTrust
SecureDesktop, which you also may have installed (I saw you wrote
something about TrustedInstaller).

 I have raised an internal case with my IT service desk to resolve the
issue (and see what they can do).

The observations are as follows, in bash, standing in a subdir with 3
files a,b and c:

(The results shown are on a host with SecureDesktop, but the only
difference is at the last command)
$ ls
a  b  c

$ echo $(ls)
a b c

$ echo $(ls|sort)
a b c

$ echo "$(ls)"

$ echo "$(ls|sort)"

The problem is seen in the last line, where no output is produced, and
the expected output is just like the previous command (the one without
the ‘sort’).

3 colleagues also with SecureDesktop sees the same as I do, and 3
other colleagues without SecureDesktop sees the expected result (the
last command produces output).

Best regards

Erik Haukjær Andersen
Sr Pncpl Software Developer

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