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Re: mksetupini fails validating packages because curr is test

On 30/11/2017 09:28, Ivan Gagis wrote:
I use git repository on github to store the files. And to update it I
clone the repo, run mksetupini and then commit and push.
So, I'm not sure what actually is going on with mtime of the files
there. Perhaps git messes up the mtime of cloned files.

Yes, a git checkout will have the mtime of the checkout.

I've pushed an update to the calm repo with these changes:

- mksetupini and calm now exit with non-zero exit status on an error
- Fixes a bug where equal mtime was considered newer
- Adds 'mksetupini --disable-check=curr-most-recent' option to turn off this check

Do I need to package this for you to test it?

But why is this check of mtime needed at all? Isn't version number
enough for tracking earlier-later files?

Maybe this doesn't make much sense in the context of mksetupini, but this is a useful check for calm to make.

People make mistakes.

People also forget the subtleties of how version numbers sort and upload versions which aren't greater than the current version, when they think they are...

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