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Re: sort utility goes berzerk (x86_64)

Houder writes:
> No, I have not executed rebaseall. The reason is, that I have
> "reinstalled" Cygwin twice now, starting with an empty repo and an
> empty root directory.

I have seen the initial rebaseall after a fresh install go wrong due to
antivirus interference.  Triggering another full rebase cleared that up,
presumably because the files were no longer marked as "new" by the
antivirus.  In one particular instance I've had to manually scan the
Cygwin installation folder before things would start working correctly.

Another thing you can check is the memory map of your terminal session,
then write some script that forks a few times and have the process at
the end of the fork chain dump its own map or maybe start a shell inside
Emacs and dumpt the map there.  Then check for any conspicuous
differences, especially non-Cygwin-DLL that get suddenly injected.


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