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Re: gcc / gfortran 5.x

LMH writes:
> You can have as many cygwin installations on your system as you want, just name the
> root folder and install folder something different for each one. There are potential
> problems if you try to run more than one version at the same time.

As long as they don't see each other via PATH or try to run daemons on
the same port you'll have no trouble running them all in parallel.

> I start the older cygwin terminals using a .bat file that configures the /cygwin/bin
> PATH environment variable for the version of cygwin I are running.

Well, I'd rather suggest to modify system settings and create a system
or user variable CYGWIN_NOWINPATH=1.  That keeps the Windows PATH out of
Cygwin entirely, if you need to graft something back that you need, you
can do that in Cygwin by inspecting $ORIGINAL_PATH.  Provide a shortcut
to mintty in each of your Cygwin installations that uses the respective
installation directory as the CWD and have it start a login shell; you
need to use an absolute path, so '/usr/bin/bash -l'.  You might want to
give each shortcut a different foreground/background color in mintty so
you can tell them apart more easily.

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