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Re: gcc / gfortran 5.x

Hans Horn wrote:
> Group,
> I noticed that cywgin's gcc/gfortran has moved whole sale to gcc 6.4.
> How can I get the latest release of the 5.x branch (32 and 64bit) back?
> I'm trying to build a legacy suite of programs that I know builds under 5.x, but
> fails miserably under 6.4.
> Thanks,
> H.
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I keep older cygwin installations around to support code that won't compiler on newer
compilers and doesn't use any newer language features. This code often isn't worth
the expenditure to bring up to date. As long as the compiled binaries still run on
current systems, the code won't get updated unless the update is a minor fix.

You can have as many cygwin installations on your system as you want, just name the
root folder and install folder something different for each one. There are potential
problems if you try to run more than one version at the same time. I have had
different answers on this but I don't do it in case there may be problems that aren't

I start the older cygwin terminals using a .bat file that configures the /cygwin/bin
PATH environment variable for the version of cygwin I are running.

The .bat file looks like,

@echo off

:: remove "C:\cygwin\bin" from PATH
set "PATH=;%PATH%;"
set "PATH=%PATH:;;=;%"
set "PATH=;%PATH:;C:\cygwin\bin;=;%;"
set "PATH=%PATH:;;=%"

:: create a local environment variable for the alternate cygwin version (cygwin2)
set "PATH=C:\cygwin2\bin;%PATH%"
start "" /b C:\cygwin2\bin\mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico -

I leave this .bat file in the install directory for the alternate cygwin and have a
shortcut on my desktop that runs the bat file. When I want to start an alternate
version of cygwin, I just click on the icon I want. I also have modified the terminal
settings so that the background color of the bash window is different for each
version I have installed. That reminds me of what version of cygwin I am in.

If this is something you really need, like everything else, keep a backup copy of the
cygwin root directory and install directory. The time machine site has worked for me
in the past, but it was very slow. You probably will want to download using wget and
be prepared to leave going it all day.


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