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Windows Credential Manager doesn't work with non cyg_server user when logged in over SSH

Hello all,

I'm working on an application which writes to Windows Credential Store
(CredWrite api). I observed that when running this app over SSH session to
a remote windows machine, it would give me an error: "A specified logon
session doesn't exist. It may have been terminated."  This error is
mentioned in many forums in different contexts.

The target machine has Cygwin installed (version 2.9.0(0.318/5/3)). The
SSHD service is running with user cyg_server. cyg_server has administrator

After some debugging, I found out that this works for cyg_server user but
not for other users. That means, if I log in over SSH with cyg_server user
credentials, the app works fine.

The other user that I'm using is a domain user. So to see if this is only
issue with domain users, I created a local user and tried out my app. But
still the issue persists.

One more observation I have done is, when I invoke cmdkey command on ssh
session, for cyg_server it would display the keys of this user from
Credential Manager. But for other users, it would display an empty list
although the corresponding users have keys in their Credential Manager.

I also tried "login" in remote session again to no avail. Is this the way
it is supposed to work, obviously not I guess.

What am I missing?

*PS*: I'm sending this email after reducing the problem to the current
state. I've tried everything from Google search, SO, Event Viewer in
Windows to figure this out. Apologies for any trouble.

Thank you
Challa Rao Ande

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