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Re: setup.ini has multiple "prev" entries ... Why?

On 2017-11-06 15:20, Jon Turney wrote:

Since [1], there's no way to install a prev version using setup,
without explicitly selecting which version you want, so the ordering
of those [prev] versions in setup.ini is relatively unimportant.


True from the perspective of using setup ... yes ... and! as long as
"version" is able to express (and OBEYS) an UNIQUE order (i.e. "A is
more recent than B"), which may fail in practice by chance ...

Otherwise (if there is no unique order), it will be "hard" to provide
an answer to a question, like

    "what is the most recent previous version of this package?",

... even when using setup.



However, you can tell setup to install "the test version", so we
ensure that the highest version [test] section is last, to ensure it's
the one that setup installs.

Meaning, one has to "interpret" the version id of each "prev" entry,
in order to be able to establish the _latest_ "prev" entry (i.e. the
version of the package before the current one) ?


(Although due to historical mistakes with version numbers, that
ordering might be wrong)

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