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Re: Setup's local package directory on network share

Am 02.11.2017 um 16:14 schrieb Andrey Repin:
Greetings, Aaron Digulla!

I would like to share the local package cache with other people.
When browse folders in the respective page in setup.exe, no network shares are visible.
When I manually enter the path (using a mapped drive), I get a dialog:
"Directory S:\cygwin\Downloads does not exist, would you like me to create
it?" which is wrong since the folder exists.
No, it isn't wrong, since you are using mapped drive, which may not exist in a
different user session.
You could also avoid switching the user with setup --no-admin.
Same problem if the installation target (the cygwin root) is on a network drive.

There's an easy solution, though: stop using mapped drives. You should have
been, for 17 years now.

When I click "yes", I get an error "Couldn't create directory. Is drive full or read-only?"
I can create a folder (and delete it) from Explorer, so it's not a Windows permission problem.
What is the problem here? I searched the documentation and it mentions a
couple of problems with network shares and Windows authentication but that when Cygwin is already running.
Store setup.exe on the same network share and use UNC path to access it.
Then "other people" could use both a fresh package cache and a fresh setup.exe
You can even restrict write access to the share, if desired, then "other
people" could use it to install from downloaded archives, and selected
administrators with write access could refresh package archive.

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