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Fwd: updated: msg2pdf with emacs-w32


I meant to include this message and it went to another recipient.

Yeah... I meant the correct spelling of minty. The little terminal.

Thx. very much for replying.

Jim McNamara

U-BLASTER-6000\mtdew writes:

> Hi-
> I noticed that possibly I use msg2pdf in virtualbox with linux
> instead. So I looked further into the path for msg2pdf. The exe is in a
> different location so i changed the path for mu4e-msg2pdf to correct.
> setq mu4e-msg2pdf "/home/mtdew/mu-0.9.18/toys/msg2pdf/.libs/msg2pdf.exe
> The curious thing now is when I try to launch with Alt+X
> mu4e-view-action I get the message "no message point"
> Not sure wny with the correct path now it won't launch. If I take off
> the .exe extension I think it gave me failed to create pdf message in
> the command buffer.
> The cool thing is comodo will launch adbobe pdf in a containter by file
> association rule.
> All I need to do is figure out how to get msg2pdf to launch a pdf in
> emacs-w32 with mu4e!
> Please assist if you have any cool tips.
> thx. -
> Jim McNamara

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