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Re: Can I change the windows icon from command line?

Am 03.11.2017 um 16:34 schrieb cyg Simple:
On 11/2/2017 3:55 PM, Thomas Wolff wrote:
Am 02.11.2017 um 14:38 schrieb cyg Simple:
On 11/2/2017 2:47 AM, Thomas Wolff wrote:
Thanks, Brian, for the links and the sample code which will make it
This is about changing the icon, to get that sorted out.
I referred to changing the icon label (an existing sequence supported by
xterm), i.e. the text shown in the taskbar, which cannot be changed in
Windows as far as I know as it's always the same as the window title.
RXVT managed to change the title based on the xterm escape sequences.
I've used that idea for various server connections in the past with RXVT.
Rxvt does not support more than mintty.
I wasn't trying to say that it did.

We are not talking about window frame labels (window title)
but the labels that appear next to the icons in the Windows taskbar, or
(if configured away) popup up floating there.

I have 3 chrome icons with different profile icons overlayed onto the
primary icon in the bottom right pinned to my taskbar so that is doable.
  The frame labels help when you hover over the taskbar icon with
multiple windows so you can pick which to bring to the front.  It sounds
though as if what is wanted is more the distinguished profile similar to
chrome.  I can achieve that effect with differing installs (different
paths) of Cygwin so it must be doable with one install and multiple
Trying to guess what you refer to there still seems to be misunderstanding. The issue was to have a dedicated text label associated to the taskbar icon which is different from the window frame title of the same window. There are two distinct xterm sequence to set these within an X server but this is not supported by Windows.

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