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Re: Problem running the latest python2-2.7.14-1 under AppVeyor

On Fri, Nov 3, 2017 at 3:45 PM, Vadim Zeitlin wrote:
>  Hello,
>  Our build has started on AppVeyor, a continuous integration provider,
> started failing since a couple of days as a makefile command running a
> Python script started failing with exit code 127 without any more
> information. This is a strange situation as I can't reproduce the problem
> locally, but something definitely seems to be wrong with this package on
> the AppVeyor machine as Python just doesn't seem to be executable, e.g. the
> output of these commands in our batch file driving the build:
>         echo --- Python version:
>         python -V
>         echo --- Python used by bash:
>         bash -c "command -v python"
>         echo --- Python version from bash:
>         bash -c "python -V"
>         echo --- Configuring:
> is (see
>         --- Python version:
>         Python 2.7.13
>         --- Python used by bash:
>         /usr/bin/python
>         --- Python version from bash:
>         --- Configuring:
> I.e. both native and Cygwin Python versions are installed, but the latter
> one doesn't seem to be executable.
>  The same log also contains the following lines
> Downloaded C:/cygwin/var/cache/setup/
> ...
> Extracting from file://C:/cygwin/var/cache/setup/
> a bit earlier, and as things worked fine with Cygwin 2.7.13 package before,
> it seems that 2.7.14 broke something, but I have no idea what nor how to
> fix it.
>  We'll just work around using Python in our Cygwin build for now, so it's
> not a critical problem for us, but I wanted to report it here, even if I
> realize that this report is not very detailed, just in case it could be
> useful.


I couldn't tell you exactly what the problem is (though I'd be curious
to find out, as I'm doing some builds with Cygwin on AppVeyor as well
so it might be relevant to me).

However, I noticed that you are installing your own Cygwin--were you
aware that (most, at least?) of AppVeyor's base images comes with
Cygwin pre-installed.  And this is more "stable" insofar as the Cygwin
version and all pre-installed packages are pinned, at least, until
AppVeyor updates the image (which I actually need to get them to do,
since the pre-installed Cygwin is currently at 2.8.0, and I would like

So my point is, have you tried using the pre-installed Cygwin?


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