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Re: Can I change the windows icon from command line?

Hi Andrey,
Greetings, Thomas Wolff!

I referred to changing the icon label (an existing sequence supported by
xterm), i.e. the text shown in the taskbar, which cannot be changed in
Windows as far as I know as it's always the same as the window title.
Two thoughts on this:

1. The taskbar button title is not necessarily the same as [visible]
application window title.
One of the cleanest solutions is to create a frameless main window and embed
your actual application window inside it. Downside is that the visible
application window titlebar may not look right.
Another solution is to create two windows, one only shown in taskbar, one is
an actual app window, and repost all messages from taskbar to the application
window. Downside is that not all shell features may work properly, such as
minimize-restore on repeated clicks.
In support of this feature, I can say that I have restricted space for taskbar
labels myself (approx 10 symbols) and have to be creative with window titles
from various sources to clearly identify the windows.
That including dances with /etc/debian_chroot and manual PROMPT_COMMAND settings.
Yeah, I can imagine that some *very* tricky solution with hidden windows is possible,
but I'm sure at the price of lots of nerves and extensible testing.
I don't think it's worth the effort, especially as many people use icons only on the taskbar, not the labels.
But feel free to propose a patch :)

2. Since there's no direct solution for setting window icon, an existing
sequence could be reused for our purpose, since there's no clean way to make
it work straight. Or a new sequence could be invented.

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