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Emacs 25.2.1 Fails to Start Server

I just upgraded from Emacs 24.x to 25.2.1 (via installing all available cygwin updates, including Emacs). Now I find that my Emacs server start hangs after processing my .emacs file but before creating the server socket (it creates the directory used to store the socket information file, but the file itself is not created).

My normal server start, run from a Windows shortcut, is:

C:\cygwin\bin\bash -c 'emacsclient -n -c --alternate-editor=""&'

Eliminating the cruft and just starting the server directly from a Bash prompt in a terminal with:

emacs --daemon -q

which should start the server immediately without processing my .emacs file, prints the message "Starting Emacs daemon." and hangs. Emacs does not write the server file that indicates that the server socket was opened, and trying to start an emacsclient results in a "emacsclient: can't find socket..." message.

SysInternals shows two emacs-w32.exe processes started when I try to start the server.  I can provide stacks for the process's threads if it would help.

Incidentally, starting a regular (not client or server) Emacs session works fine.

- Erik Knowles

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