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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libreadline7-7.0.3-3

On Jul 28 05:09, Steven Penny wrote:
>    $ 65001
>    Active code page: 65001
> - Alt 148 outputs nothing
> - Alt 0246 outputs nothing
> - Pasting this character does not work

Well, it works for me.  I tested this in tcsh, bash and od on
Windows 10.

While at it I found a bug in Windows.  Try this:

  chcp 65001
  Alt 0246 inserts ö
  press backspace
  See a line of sqare blocks or whatever replacement char the font uses.

What tcsh does in this case is, it sends a sequence "\b\033[K" to the
terminal which means, backspace, then clear up to the end of line.

Cleaning the line is done by running the function
FillConsoleOutputCharacterA with an ASCII space as fill character.

And this works fine... unless the console is switched to CP 65001.  In
this case you *have* to use FillConsoleOutputCharacterW with a wide
characeter space instead.

I fixed that in Cygwin.

But, anyway, I don't know where the difference is between your and my
setup, but as I said, it does not depend on the codepage if the
Alt+Numpad stuff works for me.


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