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Re: Compile/run problems on cygwin not solved by going to cygwin64

And now, finally, it seems that member Houder managed to nail it!


More specifically: the auto-containment policy of Comodo Antivirus.
I've used Comodo for a very long time, certainly from before the
moment that they have added that feature, which is essentially a
white-list of allowable executables. Something I abhor, and would
never have enabled. But it was rolled in, probably via an automatic
update, and it.... works.

It explains why MY programmes (never on any whitelist) would be
discarded. It explains why the standard tools like cat, grep etc.
would be allowed to run, and even why my program would be allowable
when started in a gdb session.

Not, to my mind, why the command prompt would have been able to start
my stuff, but I'll turn a blind eye to that...

I have disabled auto-containment, and can now run my programmes as I
expected to be able to.

Very surprised that this has not caused more users the same problem,
but if it happens to anyone else, I hope that this thread will help

Thanks to all who have looked at this, and I hope I will not have to
bother any of you again.

Kind regards,

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