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Re: xterm 327-1 to 329-1 needs font dependency

On 06/21/2017 01:22 AM, Thomas Dickey wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> | From: "Bryan Dongray" <>
> | To:
> | Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2017 6:52:38 PM
> | Subject: xterm 327-1 to 329-1 needs font dependency
> | 
> | On an upgrade of xterm from 327-1 to 329-1 starting an xterm now
> | complains:
> | 	$ xterm
> | 	/usr/bin/xterm: cannot load font
> | 	"-Misc-Fixed-bold-R-*-*-10-100-75-75-C-60-ISO8859-1"
> | 	/usr/bin/xterm: cannot load font
> | 	"-Misc-Fixed-medium-R-*-*-10-100-75-75-C-120-ISO10646-1"
> | 	/usr/bin/xterm: cannot load font
> | 	"-Misc-Fixed-bold-R-*-*-10-100-75-75-C-120-ISO10646-1"
> | 
> | When I downgrade to 327-1 these messages do not show, so I assume the
> | latest version requires specific fonts.
> | 
> | I installed all the X11 fonts which were described as "core font"
> | (surprisingly a reinstall of "xinit" did not install these),
> | but still I get the above messages. However I assume xterm falls back
> | on
> | some other font, as everything displays ok (as far as I checked).
> | 
> | Q1. Can someone point me at which font I need to install to not get
> | these
> | 	warnings (I tried a few, but no luck, and there are hundreds to
> | 	try)?
> | 
> | Q2. Shouldn't these fonts be a dependency of xterm?
> see

Thank you for replying but I'm unsure how that discussion answers my
question? It is related, but looks like they are talking about the
width of bold fonts causing an issue with zsh and vim (and others),
not about xterm complaining about missing fonts when it starts up.

My issue is not about bold fonts causing an issue, maybe they do.
I get complaints when starting xterm that it needs a font(s).
So what font package do I need to install to stop these complaints?

However, maybe I missed it (in the above bugs freebsd org discussion)
on which font I need to install, because there is so much discussion
about zsh, vim, bold widths, etc. So if anyone can point out the comment
there which tells me that, that'd be great, or just tell me directly
the name of the font package I need to download - thanks.

I guess I could be super-lazy and install EVERY font, but that sounds
like just a brute force solution, and I might miss it anyway since
not all fonts seems to have the word "font" in the package name.

But suppose I do install the font is needed, this leads onto my
second question that surely required fonts for xterm should be set
as dependencies for xterm. Yes?
So is that something that should be in the cygwin setup configuration?

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