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Re: cygwin Digest 17 Jun 2017 08:20:29 -0000 Issue 10294

On Sat, Jun 17, 2017 at 8:20 PM, Stephen Lyons  wrote:
> I am new to *writing* to mailing lists so if I've done something wrong
> please forgive me.
> I would like to "cygport" the Mudlet GPL MUD {Multi-User Dungeon} client
> to Cygwin - I have a cygport file (and currently a patch) that works to
> compile a workable binary of the 3.1.0 release available as a tarball
> from {other
> distribution methods are available!} but Mudlet possesses a Lua
> sub-system that users/MUD system operators can use to provide additional
> functionality and this is currently proving awkward!
> The issue I am having is that Mudlet needs some Lua "modules" to operate
> and Cygwin currently only provides a sub-set of the needed ones, the
> lua-file-system "lfs" IS available but also needed is:
> * "rex_pcre"
> * "zip"
> * "luasql.sqlite3"
> What is the best way to get those "run-time" dependencies into Cygwin? I
> have found "luarocks" packaged versions (as "lrexlib-pcre", "luazip" and
> "luasql-sqlite3" respectly) but it is not immediately apparent how I
> might use that to generate the things needed as part of the "cygport"
> process.

I imagine luarocks may work similar to Perl's CPAN on Cygwin: some
Perl modules can be installed via Cygwin's setup.exe (e.g. perl-Tk,
perl-Data-Dump), the rest can be installed with the CPAN client.

IANALU (I am not a Lua user), but it seems to me that these Lua
modules should be outside the scope of Mudlet's cygport. Mudlet should
simply require these modules to be present for its Lua subsystem. The
user can be directed to install the required modules by whichever
means available (rex_pcre and luasql.sqlite may be too complicated to
be installed by luarocks; they may need to be made into Cygwin
packages like lua-file-system).

Mudlet should not mess with the user's Lua installation.

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