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Re: relationship between Cygwin and Redhat / Fedora packages?

On 2017-06-22 18:12, Lloyd Wood via cygwin wrote:
> What is the relationship between Cygwin packages and Red Hat rpms at this
> point?

I don't think you can say much about any relationship - most Cygwin packages are
likely to be more current than RHEL releases, some more current than stable
Fedora releases but behind Rawhide releases, some Fedora releases are more
current than Cygwin releases, some may be behind: you would have to cross check
each Cygwin package release against available RPMs.

> If something gets picked up for Cygwin, is it likely to make its way into
> e.g. Fedora, or vice versa?
If something gets picked up for Cygwin, it is likely to be available in Debian,
Fedora, and other Linux distros.
Cygwin depends on utilities and their library dependencies being portable to
non-Unix systems, and not dependent on Linux or Unix features which are either
not available in Windows, or not accessible by a Windows user.

That says nothing about which has the more current releases, as each package
maintainer makes their own calls about when a release is stable under each
distro, and each distro has their own rules about when they make releases; major
Linux distros have more maintainers than Cygwin, and some of them may be full
time positions, whereas Cygwin has only volunteers.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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