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Re: Latest Cygwin update and Emacs in Mintty

Ken Brown writes:
> Your original report, written on February 22, said that the problem
> started after the latest Cygwin update.  That means you would have
> installed emacs-25.1, if Emacs was updated at all.

No, it really was a Cygwin update (to 2.7.0-1).  The Emacs update was
before that and it had worked right up to that update.

> But I've just checked that the problem already exists in emacs-24.5.
> So maybe the problem was triggered by an update of some package other
> than Emacs, Mintty being the most obvious guess.  Can you check your
> /var/log/setup.log to see what was updated around February 22?

The only other two things that were updated that day (along with some
perl distributions that can't possibly be related, if only because I've
locally updated them before I got them back from the offical Cygwin
packages) was coreutils and vim.

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