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Re: Latest Cygwin update and Emacs in Mintty

Ken Brown writes:
> 1. I edited .minttyrc to set
> BackgroundColour=#F8F8F8. (ForegroundColour is 0,0,0, which I guess is
> the default.)


> 2. I ran 'emacs-nox -Q'.  The background color didn't visibly change;
> it's still off-white.  The mode line and menu line appear to be
> reversed (black background, off-white foreground, though I can't
> really be sure that the foreground is off-white rather than white).

I think the background gets set to "white" by my .emacs (or rather the
part that customize-options saved).

> 3. I evaluated (set-background-color "white").  This caused the
> background to turn gray.  The mode line and menu bar didn't visibly
> change.

That's the main problem and I can't figure out why it associates white with
anything that doesn't have all the bits set in the RGB colorspec.

> 4. I evaluated (set-background-color "#F8F8F8").  The background
> stayed gray.

That's most likely a result of your terminal not being recognized as
being able to use 256 colors.

> I need to investigate 3 and 4, but first I'd like to understand why
> you and I are seeing different things.  One difference is the value of
> TERM. You say "mintty reports itself as xterm-256color".  Do you mean
> it does this by default, or do you have something in your startup
> files that causes this?  When I start mintty, I get the following:

That's an option you can set in mintty or just change the TERM variable
before you start emacs.

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