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Re: CR-LF handling behavior of SED changed recently - this breaks a lot of MinGW cross build scripts

On 2017-06-08 02:50, Soegtrop, Michael wrote:
>> No, the documented behavior is that CR-LF is converted to LF only 
>> for text- mounted files; but pipelines are default binary-mounted.
>> If you want to strip CR from a pipeline, then make it explicit.
>>> var=$( prog | sed .)
>> Rewrite that to var=$( prog | tr -d '\r' | sed .)

For compatibility var=$( prog | sed -b -e 's/\r$//' ...)

> I have two problems with this:
> 1.) I build many (~ 50) unix libs and tools MinGW cross on cygwin 
> from sources and this breaks many of the configure and other scripts.
> Feeding back the fixes to the individual lib/tool maintainers will
> take quite some time and also results in lengthy discussion why they
> should care about crappy DOS artefacts at all. A compatibility option
> via environment variable would have been nice.

If your makefiles configured SED you could use:
export SED='sed -b -e '\''s/\r$$//'\'''
and that is probably the best approach: change sed to SED in makefiles,
and configure SED=sed if not set.

alias sed='sed -b -e '\''s/\r$//'\'''
sed(){ /bin/sed -b -e 's/\r$//' "$@"; }
sed -i 's|\<sed\>|& -b e '\''s/\r$//'\''|g' ... to patch files - double
the "$" to patch makefiles,
or build and use a Mingw(-compatible) sed that converts \r\n to \n on
input and \n to \r\n on output?

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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