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setup 2.880 release candidate - please test

A new setup release candidate is available at:    (32 bit version) (64 bit version)

Please test and report problems to If no regressions are discovered in the next week or so, it will be promoted to release.

Changes compared to 2.879:

- "Internet Explorer Proxy Settings" is renamed to "System Proxy Settings".

- Remove support for the syntax "requires: A | B" in setup.ini, which calm/upset/genini never generated, and was just treated as "requires: A", anyhow.

- Fix a bug where installing a version other than the current version the first time a package is installed might lead to it's dependencies not being installed.

- Add some progress reporting during preremove and uninstall operations.

- Fix a bug which caused orphaned packages to be omitted from the picker. (A regression introduced in 2.878)

- Correctly account for source packages to be installed due to the --include-source option in the total amount of data to checksum.

- Rename the category "Misc" to "Orphaned".

- Fix an infinite recursion in the setup.ini parser for "depends:"

- Error recovery in setup.ini parsing is now slightly improved, so the same parse error isn't reported multiple times.

- Add the option "--user-agent" to override the user-agent string sent in HTTP requests.
(Addresses: etc.)

- The default user-agent string now contains the setup version.

- Fix that clicking on any column can change "Keep" to "Uninstall".

- Allow click-to-activate in the package list control.

- Improve the unhelpful error message "Can't open (null) for reading: No such file".

- Remove some messagebox spam when using file:// protocol URLs for a package repository without a compressed setup.ini.

- Some source code cleanups and cruft removal.

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