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Re: Setup v2.879 - can not scroll package list

On 3.6.2017 14:05, Jon Turney wrote:
After a bit more investigation, I'm not actually sure what is claimed to be the bug is here.

As for the scrolling of window content, the behavior of Windows applications is not quite consistent. Some always scrolls the window (control) that has focus, regardless of cursor position. For example: Windows Explorer, CodeBlocks, or FileZilla. Others scrolls the window above which the cursor is located, no matter which control has the focus. For example: Firefox, Thunderbird, or Skype. It seems to me more intuitive to scroll the window over which the cursor is located, but someone else may prefer the first way.

The bug You mentioned is inconsistent package list behavior. The list (which never has a focus) sometimes does not scroll and sometimes does scrolls - depending on whether focus is on drop-down or Search.

The most comfortable (for users) solution would be to modify the package list to accept the focus. The list could highlight the line the user is working with, making package selection easier.

Probably the smallest work leading to improvement would be to adjust the drop-down to ignore scrolling (as Search now does) and let scrolling event delivered to package list.


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