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Re: Accessing SMB share as wrong user?

Greetings, David Dyer-Bennet!

> All my files are on drive P: in Windows, which is an SMB share
> equivalent to \\fsfs\ddb\Documents.  Everything works fine in windows
> apps, and I see what I expect in Explorer, including when I go down to
> security properties and look in detail.

> However, Cygwin has trouble with this lately (I can't trace exactly when
> it started happening; not weeks, maybe a year, but I've been running
> essentially this way since 2006 and most of the time things were fine).

> Cygwin appears to be accessing the share as some kind of unknown user,
> rather than as the proper user configured in Windows for that share
> (which is FSFS\ddb).

> In Cygwin "id" shows
> $ id
> uid=197608(David Dyer-Bennet) gid=197121(None)
> groups=197121(None),

> 114(Local account and member of Administrators group),
> 544(Administrators),

You're running Cygwin with elevated privileges.

> 545(Users),4(INTERACTIVE),66049(CONSOLE
> LOGON),11(Authenticated Users),15(This Organization),113(Local
> account),66048(LOCAL),262154(NTLM Authentication),405504(High Mandatory
> Level)

> but if I create a file it gets created owned by "Unknown+User":
> $ touch foobar

> David Dyer-Bennet@DDB4 /cygdrive/p
> $ ls -l foobar
> ----r--r-- 1 Unknown+User Unix_Group+1001 0 May 28 17:27 foobar

> David Dyer-Bennet@DDB4 /cygdrive/p
> $ getfacl foobar
> # file: foobar
> # owner: Unknown+User
> # group: Unix_Group+1001

Your share is located on Samba server.

> user::---
> group::r--
> other:r--

> And then of course I can't access it:
> $ echo things >> foobar
> -bash: foobar: Permission denied

See Cygwin manual about setting up your network identity.
Read around nsswitch.conf and implications of its different settings.

> I haven't that I've noticed done anything to change what user I run as;
> $USER is "David Dyer-Bennet" (the Windows username I'm in under), and
> /etc/passwd has default output from mkpasswd,

Ditch /etc/passwd unless you absolutely require it.

> including the user "David
> Dyer-Bennet" with the UID 197608 (same is ID shows at the command line).

> At least I can count on people here not answering "just ditch
> Cygwin"...right?

And please leave ramblings outside the list. This was absolutely uncalled for.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Monday, May 29, 2017 22:49:56

Sorry for my terrible english...

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