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Re: openssh: privilege separation no longer supported on Cygwin? SURPRISE!

On 2017-05-29 11:48, Houder wrote:
On 2017-05-29 10:39, Marco Atzeri wrote:
On 29/05/2017 07:23, Houder wrote:

... because, that is, I think, what I am seeing:

 - the userid of child sshd is still 'cyg_server' ...
 - and I get an elevated shell when I login ...

Not what I expected ...

Gr. Henri

Hi Houder,
please read the last Announcement

It seems you misunderstood the communication:
- the possibility to NOT use "privilege separation" is deprecated
- "privilege separation" will became mandatory

Hi Marco,

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes, to my knowledge, PS, privilege
separation, is now mandatory (using a new mechanism under Linux [1]).

[1] sandboxing?

Because of PS, I expect to see an UNprivileged sshd process talking
to the user process (where the ssh command has been executed).

But above all, I expect an UNelevated shell when I login in ...

However, what I get after login (after providing my credentials) is
an ELEVATED shell (yes, Administrators is part of the group set).

Now I wonder if this happens because I do NOT observe PS.

Look below, please ... After executing the ssh command, ssh asks for
my credentials ... in stead of providing my credentials, I execute
the ps command in a second terminal. To my surprise, the grandchild
of the listener is executed using "cyg_server" and not "sshd" ...

Currently, I am looking at:

... and read it MULTIPLE times! (and tried, well, about anything)

However, I found a clue here:
    (Re: admin privileges when logging in by ssh? -- by Corinna)

The thread starts here:
    (admin privileges when logging in by ssh? -- by Andrew Schulman)

Above Corinna writes:

"In all cases, password auth and passwordless auth, you should get a full
admin token.  In case of password auth and in the passwordless methods
2 and 3, the OS returns a restricted token under UAC, but ...

that token has a _reference_ to the full admin token attached. Cygwin
    fetches this token and uses that when switching the user context.

Oh? Ah!

The account (Henri) from which I executed the ssh command, is - yes, I
forgot to tell - , a privileged account ...

However when I login to that account, it "normally" starts an UNelevated
shell ... Not so if one executes the ssh command ... apparently.

    And that is a bit of a SURPRISE ... to say the least !!!!!

Even more surprising is when I execute the ssh command from an account
that is NOT privileged (using another account, named jvdwater).

 - yes. this time I get an UNelevated shell (using ssh)
 - however, the userid of the grandchild of the sshd listener, is STILL
   cyg_server ... NOT sshd!

As if the "sshd" account is NEVER, NEVER used during the _whole_ process
(that is, there is NO privilege separation, as far as I can tell).



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