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Re: grep-3.0-2 issues within Makefile

On 05/29/2017 03:52 AM, Marco Atzeri wrote:
> On 29/05/2017 08:34, Daniel Fort wrote:
>> grep-3.0-2 binary will not function as expected when the -v option is
>> used in a Makefile.
> Please note the last grep announcement
> and the changes between text and binary mounts.

>> Using a Cygwin install that includes the default grep-3.0-1 will
>> result in errors when running the follow Makefile code:
>> localsyms: libtcctmp.o
>>     @$(READELF) $< -Ws | $(AWK) "{print \$$8}" | sort | uniq \

Most likely, $(READELF) is producing \r\n-terminated output. The
solution, then, is to rewrite the line to:

$(READELF) $< -Ws | tr -d '\r' | $(AWK) ...

> and what is the error ?

Most likely, grep is not filtering as expected, because now that it is
treating your data as binary rather than text, your explicit $ anchor is
only matching \n instead of \r\n.

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