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Re: 5 seconds to update link info? (cause found)

Andrey Repin wrote:
When executed this oneliner over Samba 4.3 network share, it takes 5 seconds
to match the newly created hardlink.
I'm wondering if this is Cygwin, Samba or Windows networking issue?

BTW -- found the cause of this:

There are 3 values to control cache lifetime.

FileInfoCacheLifetime (default 10 seconds)
FileNotFoundCacheLifetime (default 5 seconds)
DirectoryCacheLifetime (default 10 seconds)

The FileNotFoundCacheLifetime looks to be the culprit -- since
when I traced the ethernet traffic with wireshark, I would see
multiple responses of 'notfound' before it finally showed up.

I reset my 5-second value to 3, and your script passed over
its value in 3 seconds after that...

You might have to reboot your machine to ensure the value gets
propegated to the LANmanworkstation client.

There are other ways, but none that reliable.

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