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GNU screen trouble

Greetings, All!

# uname -a; screen --version; screen -admS mc-server-session
CYGWIN_NT-6.1 daemon2 2.8.0(0.309/5/3) 2017-04-01 20:47 x86_64 Cygwin
Screen version 4.05.01 (GNU) 25-Feb-17

# screen -S mc-server-session -Q windows
<hangs infinitely>

If I SEGV the hung child, there's a stacktrace, though I don't know how useful
it is.
Anything I can do to help trace it down?

Stack trace:
Frame        Function    Args
000FFFF7CF0  0018005CC8C (000FFFFE3F4, 0000000F6A8, 0007785DD48, 000FFFFDE50)
000FFFF7D90  0018005E25B (00000000000, 00000000000, 000000001A4, 00000000000)
000FFFF7FE0  0018011E383 (00600000610, 000001F0180, 0018030B218, 0018030C1C0)
000FFFF82D0  0018011B0AE (000FFFF8570, 00000000000, 00000000000, 000FFFF8250)
000FFFF84D0  0018011B539 (0018018F3B2, 00000000000, 000FFFF82F0, 00000000006)
000FFFF84D0  0018011B6EA (0018021D49F, 00180047D70, 00000000000, 0000000000B)
000FFFF84D0  0018011B99F (7B007F00030003, 0000000000B, 00100453035, 65657263735B0A0D)
000FFFF84D0  00100401335 (00805010004, 000006162C0, 000FFFF8560, 00000000001)
000FFFF84D0  0018005E25B (00000000001, 00000000000, 00000000002, 00000000000)
000FFFF8840  00180116E80 (00000000001, 00000000000, 00000000002, 00000000000)
000FFFF8840  00100423C76 (00000000001, 00000000000, 00000000002, 00000000000)
End of stack trace

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Saturday, May 27, 2017 14:08:17

Sorry for my terrible english...

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